This teen just found a possibly life-saving new way to diagnose deadly diseases.

Photo published for Greenwich High School student wins worldwide Google scieence contest

Why is Olivia Hallisey celebrating? Because she just kicked butt at the Google Science Fair and took home gold. The Connecticut high school student recently won the grand prize in the 16-18 category at the 2015 Google Science Fair. Her project — developing a quick, easy, and accurate test for Ebola — won the judges’ hearts for its potential to make a big change in the world.

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A poem by Violet

I have never loved
only wanted
to wrap myself in other skin,
hide my eyes behind another face.

I have only wanted
a better soul than mine,
a graceful body, a strength,
and certainly this flesh could never have.

I have longed
for a patchwork, an alloy
of the pure, intelligent, the solid
a melting pot of my unobtainable traits.

I have watched,
as if I could adapt my observation,
the movements of perfection
that I wished were mine.

I have envied
affectionately from a distance
I can’t imagine coming any closer.

Excerpt from Make the Best of Your Teen Years

Confronting challenges of teen mental health, stress, suicide

teens on path

As in Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon, many parents in the heart of Silicon Valley see their children as all above average, well above average. Those parents’ incomes, educational levels and aspirations for their children are also well above average.

On Monday night, more than 350 people gathered at Sacred Heart Prep in Atherton to hear a panel talk about concerns affecting those above-average children: their mental health, the stress they are under, and what can be done to improve the former, relieve the latter, and ultimately, combat teen suicides.

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Teen’s short life inspired a community


Without uttering a word, Mary McAuley taught a community about gratitude, courage, and yes, even joy.

The joy part may confuse those who only knew of her condition, and hadn’t seen for themselves that broad, contagious smile.

Many in Hendersonville are mourning the loss of that smile – the 14-year-old whose brief life ended Thursday after inspiring countless others.

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Inspiring teen among world’s best wheelchair tennis players

Inspiring teen among world's best wheelchair tennis players

FOREST CITY, N.C. — To get to the tennis court, Conner Stroud pushes his wheelchair there.

This is made more difficult by the fact that he has no legs.

Conner, 15, does the intricate dance required to climb into that wheelchair. He straps himself in, pulls his racquet out from the back pocket of the chair and removes the “blades” he uses as artificial legs.

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Illinois Teen Risks Her Life to Dramatically Save Elderly Man Stuck on Train Tracks

Nineteen-Year-Old Woman Risks Life to Save Elderly Man Stuck on Train Tracks

A quick-thinking young mom heroically saved an elderly man after his motorized scooter got stuck on railroad tracks as a train was fast-approaching.

Ashley Aldridge was preparing lunch for her two children on Tuesday when she heard a man crying for help.

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How parents can spot the signs of teenage stress

How parents can spot the signs of teenage stress

STRESS is one of the downsides of adult life, but it seems to be an increasingly common problem for teenagers, too.

New research has found that 88 per cent of 12-to-18-year-olds have experienced stress in the past 12 months, and the average teenager feels stressed twice a week. In two thirds of cases, this has led to symptoms of stress-related illnesses including insomnia, eating disorders and depression.

The research, carried out by youth empowerment programme the National Citizen Service (NCS), found it’s not just teens who are feeling anxious – one in five 12-year-olds report feeling stressed about their future plans.

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