Can You Treat ADHD Without Drugs?


“Your child has ADHD.”

For most families, that means the beginning of a long trek through the world of pharmaceuticals. Medications are the top treatment forADHD, and they’re effective for 80% of kids with the disorder.

But many parents worry about side effects and want to exhaust every other option before they put their child on medicine.

No matter what your decision is, you can help your child live a calmer, more successful life.

Excerpt from Marisa Cohen’s article on WebMD-Read more


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I am a retired psychologist now writing freelance . I have published Commonsense Wisdom for Everyday Life, Young Man of the Cloth, The Pastor's Inferno, Navigating Life: Commonsense Reflections for the Voyage, Release Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life, and Make the Best of Your Teen Years. I wrote a newspaper column in Batavia, NY for fourteen years. My articles are now available in my free newsletter, Sliding Otter News. Subscribe free at

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