Teen Talk; Finding one’s ‘true north’ in life is important

Everyone knows that a compass will point you north, right? I mean, unless one stands by a car or strong magnetic force, it is widely known that the compass is an invaluable tool for navigation and map work. Funny how often people just assume that this amazing piece of equipment is completely right.

The compass does not point to true north. Without getting too technical, the compass actually points to earth’s magnetic North Pole, which is around 1,000 miles south of the actual North Pole somewhere over Canada. And even more astonishing, if one were to adjust for “declination” (the angular deviation from the North Pole) in San Diego, one would need to adjust for 12.5º on the compass!

Excerpt from Betty Williams’ article in the Friday Flyer- Read morehttp://fridayflyer.com/2015/10/09/teen-talk-finding-ones-true-north-in-life-is-impor


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