Still Life- A Poem

Still Life

A poem by Violet

firls in meadow

I’ll be perfect when
all that remains of me
are funny stories and
photographs with the right poses,
light accentuating the angles of my face.

Until then, remember that you’re under no obligation
to search
for that snapshot,
that moment when you couldn’t guess
that I don’t have it all together.


Violet writes about the memory of times with friends. Sometimes pictures of your friends are better memories than the actual times with them. Friends can come and go. They can be nice sometimes and not so nice when they’re in a bad mood. She also suggests that sometimes you might pretend to your friends that you are okay when something is bothering you. Really good friends are the ones you can trust with your problems and expect them to be there for you no matter what.

From Make the Best of Your Teen Years- 105 Ways to Do It by Joseph Langen


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