A Day in the Life: Recognizing humanity

Nadine Elsayed

For the last year, I’ve been collecting people’s stories to present to the Lehigh community in this column.

Through the “Day in the Life” series, I’ve been on midnight rides with the Lehigh University Police Department, approached strangers at airports, cried with refugees, sang with TRACS drivers, explored Fourth Street and had many more adventures.

But I started this journey with the belief that everyone has a story, and it’s with this belief still in mind that I present to you my own.

Excerpt from Nadine Elsayed’s article in The Brown and White– read more

Sitting on the Steps

Sitting on the Steps

A poem by Violet


The warm-wind day
could not blow (like skittering autumn-bright leaves) away
the sun that lay burning on my leg

but I pivoted my attention to
the bees that drifted about us,
tiny missiles of venom at the ready.

In front of me he sat,
dress uniform impeccably worn,
(down to the hat from which I flicked a tiny spider
and was glorified by his thanks)
muscles beneath every inch the militant strength
it represented.

A bee swooped, hovering at the chest of the man next to him,
and generously he
cupped his hand,
and gently guided it away
into the open air. I wanted him to know
that I worshiped him.

Excerpt from Make the Best of Your Teen Years

Let’s talk about sex

water drop

As excuse to growing sex issues mainly teenage pregnancies, health officials in the past have laid the blame on the gap between parents and children and their failure to discuss sex education.

Generations have changed hands, the teen some two decades ago is now a parent. The information age via the cyber highway has also changed the way many perceive the issue.

Sex education basics may be covered in health class if the school prefers to teach it. In Fiji, to deal with the issue, the Ministry of Education had introduced a subject called Family Life, it seems that schools have the option to teach it or not.

Excerpt from Shalveen Chand’s article in the Fiji Times– read more