Strong Girls:Strong Parents

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Strong Girls, Strong parents: A Guide to Raising Teenage Girls in a New Era
„Your teenage daughter hasn’t lost her mind and neither have you”. So says Strong Girls, Strong Parents: A Guide to Raising Teenage Girls in a New Era, a handbook written by a clinician with more than fifteen years of experience in helping teens and their parents to develop a healthier way of communicating.

Excerpt from Monica Dominirska’s review in Satprn news. Read more.


Life at Diablo Valley College – Taking the Road Less Traveled from Dublin High School


As graduation was soon approaching, many of my friends had asked me where I had applied to. Their faces said enough when I nonchalantly said, “DVC.” I felt like in that moment they thought slightly lower of me. They didn’t think I was dumb; they just thought my decision was where the dumb people go. This is a common misconception of many Dublin High School students. Students joke about their bad test scores and say, “Well, I guess I’m going to Las Po!” At a school like Dublin High, the best is what anyone strives for. It’s not outwardly said that every graduate must go to a highly accredited four year, but it is heavily implied within the student body. The student body has this belief that if one does not get into a decent college, their future is completely done with. I’m writing this article to prove, with my case, that it is in fact a misconception.

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Teen Talk; Finding one’s ‘true north’ in life is important

Everyone knows that a compass will point you north, right? I mean, unless one stands by a car or strong magnetic force, it is widely known that the compass is an invaluable tool for navigation and map work. Funny how often people just assume that this amazing piece of equipment is completely right.

The compass does not point to true north. Without getting too technical, the compass actually points to earth’s magnetic North Pole, which is around 1,000 miles south of the actual North Pole somewhere over Canada. And even more astonishing, if one were to adjust for “declination” (the angular deviation from the North Pole) in San Diego, one would need to adjust for 12.5º on the compass!

Excerpt from Betty Williams’ article in the Friday Flyer- Read more