Teen aspires to create a community of writers, skateboarders



A writer and skateboarder, Homer youth Justice Sky spends his school year studying creative writing and his summers running his skateboard shop.

Majoring in creative writing at Southern Oregon University, he likes to write fiction and poetry.

“For me, writing is about the human experience and is the best way I’ve found to try to figure out how our world works on a very human level,” he said.

(Excerpt for Christina Whiting’s article in the Homer Tribune- read more)

Teen writes novels to deflect pain of multiple surgeries

Writing novels deflect pain of surgeries for teen 01

Just 19, Emilee King has already experienced a lifetime of joy and pain, happiness and sorrow.

Next month, she is throwing a celebration of life that will double as a book launch and a signing party.

The event — set for Sept. 3 at Pioneer Bookstore in Provo — acknowledges that King has mastered her mind over her body and has done so by completing her second novel, “Surviving Through the Night.”

Excerpt from Genelle Pugmire’s article in Herald Extra.com- Click here to  read more.