Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. And peace?

The Cape Coral community will celebrate the International

Not only is Zachari VanDyne pushing for peace to be taught in schools, he is hoping for it to become a core subject.  Imagine this:  Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Peace.

He’s either a fool or a visionary.

As the founder and director of CasaShanti, the Fort Myers Meditation Center, and the organizer of Peace Day in the Park for the last eight years, he believes peace, as a personal experience, is possible.

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Determined teen a face of hope

Positive outlook helps young woman to embrace life in face of adversity and make the best of every day.
Nadia Lim says Eilish Wilkes is one of the most determined young women she has met.
Nadia Lim says Eilish Wilkes is one of the most determined young women she has met.

An Auckland teen living with the side-effects of a brain tumour has been chosen as the face of hope by a cancer charity.

Eilish Wilkes, 19, is one of eight teenagers who have teamed with local celebrities in this year’s CanTeen fundraiser to share the message about what living with cancer is really like.

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10 Misconceptions About Mindfulness Meditation


The rising popularity of mindfulness meditation in recent years has sparked a great deal of interest by the general population. As with any innovation, there are bound to be some misconceptions. Though mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice, it is relatively new to Westerners.

Whenever I invite someone to our weekly meditation meeting, I am often met with some skepticism. I often hear things like “meditation is not for me,” or “I’m the type of person who can’t sit still.” While these are valid concerns, they are usually based on secondhand information, which is often inaccurate. And if you’re not meditating, you could be missing out on some of the benefits, such as better health, relationships, and personal fulfillment.

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Can You Treat ADHD Without Drugs?


“Your child has ADHD.”

For most families, that means the beginning of a long trek through the world of pharmaceuticals. Medications are the top treatment forADHD, and they’re effective for 80% of kids with the disorder.

But many parents worry about side effects and want to exhaust every other option before they put their child on medicine.

No matter what your decision is, you can help your child live a calmer, more successful life.

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‘It’s dreadful, I’ve never used any of these words’ – teens react to the ‘online teen speak’ guide for parents

Teenagers were confused by the guide for parents

As the Government releases a guide to help parents spot signs of sexting and drug use online, we ask some teenagers if they recognise the terms

It must be confusing to be a parent with a child who knows all about the internet, and uses language and emojis that may seem impossible to understand.

The government has set up a website about ‘online teen speak’ apparently compiled by experts. We decided to ask some teenagers what they thought of the list, and whether the words on it are in popular usage.

It appears that the government’s list of terms is a little dated, with most harking from the early days of the internet, including chatrooms. The teens we consulted gave us their own suggestions.

Excerpt from Helena Horton’s article in The Telegraph

But you say there is equality.

I found this great post among others by Emmamorica. Let it seep into your mind.


When I was little, I wanted to be white.
That’s the colour the sweet, popular girl at school was. That’s the colour the beautiful, breath-taking supermodels on the billboards. And that was the colour all the characters in my favourite tv series were. Which role models looked like me? Beyoncé is now the third woman (behind Naomi Campbell & Halle Berry) to grace the cover of Vogue in the magazine’s 123 years of publication, and people are raving as if this is iconic. That’s not iconic. That’s ridiculous. The third in 123 years. But you say there is equality.
My mother moved from France to England because she didn’t believe she, a young black woman, could get a respectable teaching job where we were. My mum forced me to read English story books, meant for an age much younger than I was yet it was still extremely difficult. She made…

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Teens and Type 2 Diabetes

The number of teens living with type 2 diabetes has increased in recent years.

Managing diabetes as a teen or adolescent can come with different challenges than an adult may face.

The materials below were developed specifically for teens with diabetes.

Be Healthy Today; Be Healthy For Life (Free Download)

Be Healthy Today; Be Healthy For Life

Information for Youth and Their Families Living With Type 2 Diabetes

You can read, download or print the entire PDF document (32 pages) or access it by section:

Entire 32-page booklet (900 KB PDF)

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