About Release Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life

Joe Langen’s Release Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life is an outstanding work. Interestingly the author begins by asking – Do we living in modern America suffer more from stress than our ancestors did?
While I, of course, can’t answer that question within the broad scope of history, I can confidently say that during my lifetime the types of stress that come from concerns like: finding and keeping a satisfying, well- paying secure, long term job; facing large medical bills without filing for bankruptcy; and paying for our children’s college expenses and maintain the hope of enjoying a financially comfortable retirement, has certainly increased dramatically (except among those fortunate enough to be among the wealthiest .01 % in our economy) over the last two generations.
For such reasons this book is imperative reading for the countless millions who frantically try to weave their way through the cultural maze that constitutes life in America today.
The book is clearly written, understandable, comprehensive, and composed by an expert in many aspect of stress – Issues such as: What is stress? How can we identify it in ourselves?, and How can we effectively avoid, manage and/or attack our own stress?
For me, the chapter on spirituality was especially helpful. I almost skipped it because I don’t consider myself spiritual. I never could, for example, grasp the idea of a soul – one that exists in the after- life. (I can’t say souls don’t exist. Maybe they do, but if so I have no idea, what they are like.) But now I’m glad I read that chapter because, if, as suggested by the author, one’s soul is the part of you that acknowledges, you are not the center of the universe, and are instead, an integral part of the human race, and as such you have a duty to act responsibly to assist your fellow man, to achieve the highest common good, then I must be spiritual, because, that responsibility, in my opinion, defines the essence of humanity. (Review by Bob Fussell)

Available for a test drive, more information or order at Amazon. This book was written mainly for adults but is also helpful for more mature teens.

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