Blind Glastonbury teen stuns and inspires with her powerful voice


GLASTONBURY — At just 13-years-old, Paige Dury has never met a challenge she couldn’t handle. She may not be able to see, but in sharing her story she’s hoping others never lose sight of their goals, and never give up hope for the future.

Paige, of Glastonbury, Connecticut can’t see the smiles on people faces when they hear her incredible voice, but she knows they’re there. The cheers and claps of the crowd of thousands at a recent Hartford Wolf Pack game tells it all.

“Singing makes me feel happy, and I love making people feel something when I sing, and then the reaction that people give me at the end makes it worth it too like it makes me want to do it more because people are enjoying it,” she said.

(Excerpt from Erika Arias’s post for Fox 61 News- read more)


Teen’s short life inspired a community


Without uttering a word, Mary McAuley taught a community about gratitude, courage, and yes, even joy.

The joy part may confuse those who only knew of her condition, and hadn’t seen for themselves that broad, contagious smile.

Many in Hendersonville are mourning the loss of that smile – the 14-year-old whose brief life ended Thursday after inspiring countless others.

Excerpt from Tena Lee’s article in the Tennesseean- Read More